Resources on the Social Determinants of Health in Canada

Print Materials

Chronic Disease Alliance of Ontario (2008). Primer to Action: Social Determinants of Health. Toronto: Chronic Disease Alliance of Ontario.

BC Healthy Living Alliance (2009). Healthy Future for BC Families.

Raphael, D. (Sept., 2010). About Canada: Health and Illness. Halifax: Fernwood Publishers.

Raphael, D. (2009). Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives, 2nd edition.
Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.

World Health Organization. (2008). Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity
through Action on the Social Determinants of Health. Geneva: World Health Organization.

Media Resources

Peterborough County-City Health Unit TV ads on Poverty and Health

Poor No More (2010)

Population Health: The New Agenda (2009)

Sick People or Sick Societies? (2008)

Poverty Makes me Sick Video

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making us Sick? (2008)

Website Resources

Canadian Public Health Association Policy Statements

Dennis Raphael’s Website

CHEO Health Research Institute

Public Health Agency of Canada

Social Determinants of Health Commission

Policy and Advocacy Organizations Addressing the
Social Determinants of Health

Progressive Public Policy Organizations

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Canadian Council on Social Development

Wellesley Institute

Aboriginal Health

National Aboriginal Health Organization

Assembly of First Nations


Childcare Resource and Research Unit

Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

Disability Groups

Disabled Women’s Network of Ontario

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Employment and Working Conditions

Canadian Labour Congress

Institute for Work & Health

Food Insecurity

Food Secure Canada

Food Banks Canada

Health Services

Canadian Health Coalition

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Students for Medicare

Health Providers Against Poverty

Housing and Homelessness

Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto

Homeless Hub

Cooperative Housing Federation


Canada without Poverty

Campaign 2000


Colour of Poverty

National Anti-Racism Coucncil of Canada

Social Exclusion

Metropolis Project

Women’s Health

Canadian Women’s Health Network

Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health

Ontario Women’s Health Network

Contacting Your Elected Officials and Health Associations
about the Social Determinants of Health

Contact Governments

Find and Contact your Federal Member of Parliament

Find and Contact your Provincial Representative

Contact Federal Political Parties

Bloc Québécois

Conservative Party of Canada

Green Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

New Democratic Party of Canada

Contact Provincial Political Parties

Contact Health Professional Associations

Canadian Medical Association

Canadian Nurses Association

Canadian Public Health Association

Provincial Public Health Associations

Associations whose Focus is Strongly Related to Social Determinants of Health
but Require some Persuasion to Move Forward

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Diabetes Association

Heart and Stroke Foundation