The Canadian Facts [Download - PDF, 4Mb]

Juha Mikkonen and Dennis Raphael
Foreword by Hon. Monique Bégin
Published in May 2010. ISBN 978-0-9683484-1-3 – 62 pp

Juha Mikkonen (Helsinki, Finland) has worked with numerous non-governmental organizations in Europe. Currently he is a vice-president of the European Anti-Poverty Network Finland (EAPN Fin). At the international level, he is a member of the executive committee of the European Anti-Poverty Network. He has held positions in many decisionmaking bodies at the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Student Health Services and the Finnish Youth Co-operation Allianssi, which is an umbrella organization for 112 Finnish youth NGOs. In addition, he has been a member of the board of the Gaudeamus – Helsinki University Press Ltd.

He is the editor of Arkipäivän kokemuksia köyhyydestä, 2007 (Everyday Experiences of Poverty) and Rikas runo, 2009 (Rich/Wealthy Poems; an anthology of poems about poverty). He was one of the organizers of the writing contest “Everyday Experiences of Poverty” which collected over 800 autobiographical writings from people living in low-income situations. Currently he is working in the areas of health inequalities, marginalization, political advocacy, health policy, and the social determinants of health. His most recent publication Terve Amis! (2010) provides 50 recommendations for reducing health inequalities among vocational school students in Finland. Contact: mikkonen [at]

Dennis Raphael (Toronto, Canada) is a professor of health policy at the School of Health Policy and Management at York University. Over the course of his career he has carried out research in child and adolescent development, student mathematics and science achievement, health promotion and quality of life, social exclusion, and public policy and the social determinants of health. Currently he is working on the social determinants of the incidence and management of type II diabetes in vulnerable communities and the impacts of globalization on the health of Canadians.

He is the editor of Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives (2009, 2nd edition) and Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada: Essential Readings (2010); co-editor of Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care (2010, 2nd edition); and the author of About Canada: Health and Illness (2010) and Poverty and Policy in Canada (2007). Dr. Raphael has published 170 scientific papers and has made 214 public presentations since he began working on quality of life issues in 1993. He manages the 1240 member Social Determinants of Health Listserv at York University.
Contact: draphael [at]